9 Trevennion Rd Kingston 5 Jamaica

armoured truk

ATLAS ARMOURED SERVICES LIMITED has been providing the following services:


–   The collection and delivery customers’ lodgments to consignees

–   Payroll collection, processing and delivery.

–  Collection & delivery change float

–  Vault storage

Cash processing

– Involves the physical counting and verification of cash and cheques

– Lodgment Processing

– Depositing of customer lodgments to consignees

– Submission of status reports to clients

On-Site ‘Banking

– The provision of on site ‘Banking Services’ capabilities at Sporting and ntertainment venues

Full Service for Automated Banking Machines

–   First line maintenance, cash replenishments, balancing etc. for automated banking machines.

Deposit Processing

– The processing of client lodgements and direct uploading to their respective financial institutions.